You do not need to come in to the office to be seen! Using our telemedicine platform, Dr. Vakili can consult with you “face to face” and recommend a treatment plan. We can also schedule an in-person appointment for as soon as we re-open, so that you don’t have to wait to be seen by your regular provider. Whether you’re considering implants, Invisalign, or just want some advice, schedule a virtual consultation today!


More affordable than
in-office dentistry.

Teledentistry has been shown to reduce the cost of care and increase efficiency through reduced travel times, shared professional staffing and fewer in-person appointments.


Improve access to
care for patients.

Teledentistry eliminates the need to travel long distances and can help health care providers supplement clinician staffing in areas where they are understaffed. It also allows providers to expand their reach to patients beyond their own offices.


The future
is now

The majority of survey participants (78%) believe they are likely to use teledentistry within the next 5 years, and it’s only a matter of availability to try it out. Moreover, teledentistry is not perceived as a niche service for isolated communities. 42% of respondents think that it is beneficial for everyone.