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The Truth About Dental Implant Placement – Debunking the Myths

These days, more people in Solana Beach and the surrounding coastal area of California are moving forward with dental implant placement. They know the truth – that implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement.

But misinformation is everywhere, and despite being completely unfounded, many false facts seem completely believable. At Solana Smiles & Implant Center, we think everyone with missing teeth deserves to know the truth about dental implants. For that reason, we decided to set the record straight on several of the most widely spread myths.


Myth: Dental Implant Placement Is Painful

Truth: Fear of pain during and after the procedure stops many people in Solana Beach from replacing their missing teeth with dental implants – which is unfortunate, as the tooth replacement process only involves a minimal amount of discomfort.

Oral conscious sedation, administered without the use of needles, is available, and many dentists offer and both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and traditional anesthesia to put patients at ease. As for recovery from implant placement, that’s often far easier than most people expect. 


Myth: Dental Implants Are Prone to Failure

Truth: The idea that implant placement is still in the experimental stages is quite prevalent – despite the fact that the first modern tooth implants were placed more than half a century ago, back in 1965.

Since then, millions of people all over the world have chosen this method of tooth replacement. Studies have shown an overall success rate of over 95 percent, and when placed by a skilled and experienced dentist with advanced training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, tooth implants have a 98 percent success rate.


Myth: Dental Implants Are Just as Obvious as Dentures

Truth: Because dentures are often easy to recognize, people often assume that’s the case for dental implants – and while that may have been true for the very first implants placed, those in use today frequently go unnoticed.

Three-dimensional imaging, digital smile design and other advances in dental technology allow for the creation of replacement teeth that look completely natural. NobelPearl™ ceramic implants take the authenticity even further, as being metal-free ensures no grayness or darkness around the gumline.


Myth: Dental Implants Only Affect Appearance

Truth: No one would deny that dental implant placement can be the means to having a beautiful smile – but while they certainly offer an aesthetic benefit, implants are highly regarded for another reason.

Jaw degeneration is inevitable with missing teeth, as once the tooth roots are gone, the bone lacks stimulation. Over time, this leads to the face having an aged, sunken look. Implants are the only replacement teeth that replicate the roots – so, they’re the only tooth replacement option for halting bone loss and preserving the facial structure.


Myth: Dental Implants Require Special Care 

Truth: Not only is caring for dentures or a dental bridge somewhat of a headache, neither of these tooth replacement solutions compares to the natural teeth in terms of functionality – and none of this true of dental implants.

Tooth implants only require daily brushing and flossing combined with regular dentist checkups and teeth cleaning to remain in great shape. They never need to be adjusted or replaced like dentures and bridges, and being firmly anchored in the jawbone means implants function just like real teeth, allowing patients to eat whatever they like.


Myth: Dental Implants Don’t Last Very Long

Truth: Dental bridges typically only last for five to ten years at best, and dentures need to be relined or replaced every few years – and many people seem to assume that tooth implants share a similar longevity.

In reality, patients who maintain solid oral hygiene habits and see an experienced Solana Beach dentist on a regular basis can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles thanks to dental implants. The replacement teeth are engineered to be remarkably durable, and since they bond with the jawbone, they can remain snug in the mouth forever.


Myth: Dental Implant Placement Isn’t Affordable

Truth: Implants aren’t the cheapest tooth replacement option, and insurance plans typically cover only a portion (or none) of the cost – but this doesn’t mean that the replacement teeth are out of reach for most Solana Beach residents.

Financing is available, and many local dental clinics connect patients with programs that come with low monthly payments. Health care credit cards, medical loans and bank loans are other options to consider. Not all of these require a stellar credit score to qualify, and the dentist office staff can help in finding an affordable solution.


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