Aislynn D. Avatar
Aislynn D.

I have not had such a good experience going to the dentist since I was a child. The staff was friendly and caring. Suggestions were just that not accusations and made you want to take better care of yourself. I was even allowed to play music while I had my cleaning and the hygienist thanked me for sharing it. I actually look forward to going back. - 11/04/2019

Carrie L. Avatar
Carrie L.

Solana Smiles, the dentists and staff are all wonderful! I recently went in for a new crown on one of my molars. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but they make it as easy and pain free as possible. I really like that they have a facility near that makes the crown while you wait. No need to make another appointment and have to come back on another day. I was so happy to get it all taken care of on ONE day. My tooth looks and feels great now. Thank you! - 12/29/2019

A G. Avatar
A G.

I highly recommend Dr. Valkili and her entire team. I came in to her distraught over losing a 5 tooth bridge, along with the rest of my upper teeth showing many problems. I went from a woman who had a great smile to one facing losing her teeth and not much to work with due to bone loss in my upper jaw.
After going to 3 other specialists, I knew I was in the right place when I met Dr. Valkili. She had ideas and solutions that no other doctor thought of and I could tell instantly that she was a true professional, and even better, had a wonderful personality. I also noticed what a great rapport she has with her coworkers - they are all so friendly and despite a full upper jaw reconstruction, they made me feel at ease through every procedure.
On my big day, both Dr. Valkili and Dr. Leyla placed bone graphs in my entire upper jaw, performed a sinus lift, extracted my upper teeth, set 8 implants in the jawbone, and sent me home with teeth on the same day. After that long day of surgery, I woke up the next morning with very little pain. I was shocked as I was ready to suffer with all those extractions and implants. Dr Valkili called me and answered all my questions.
This was a long procedure from the start to finish and Dr Valkili was there for me every step of the way. Dr Leyla, also worked with me and she too is wonderful. Everyone in their office is so friendly and competent.
A full arch implant is a complicated procedure and I would advise one to choose an experienced and skilled prosthodontist. Don't settle for the high volume businesses - they did not even mention the necessary bone graphs and had I chose them I would have had fewer implants and not enough bone structure to support the arch. After my consult with Dr Valkili, she let me know that her plan was to provide me with strong teeth that will last forever.
Today was the final day of my procedure and my smile is stunning. It looks natural and blends so well with my lower teeth. The bone graphs were all successful and I am thrilled. Dr Valkili is a rare find, she loves to laugh, and is so dedicated to her patients.
I could continue to rave about my experience as I am so satisfied with my beautiful teeth 🙂
- 10/03/2020

What T. Avatar
What T.

I had dental implants done. It's always nerve-wracking when you're getting something done to your teeth. Dr. Vakili and her staff have been nothing short of extraordinary. From my first consult, to my surgery and my follow up. They're pleasant, accommodating and empathetic of their patients. I can't thank them enough for my new teeth and getting my smile back. - 1/19/2022

Summer J. Avatar
Summer J.

I cant begin to explain how happy I am with the care I've recieved. I had my first sever panic attack that resulted in me almost passing out while having work done. They took such good care of me and made sure I was OK. It was a scary experience, but they made it a little less frightening. - 6/22/2022

Cali G. Avatar
Cali G.

Thank you for making it easy and comfortable to have this really embarrassing dental work done. The office is so welcoming and everyone that works there has compassion for all patients. I definitely recommend Solana Smiles for all dental work. - 9/18/2021