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toby s.

I had neglected my teeth for a long time. I ended up with an abscessed tooth. I called in and luckily got an appointment that day. While there I asked about my opinions of getting all the repairs needed. And now I’m going about once a month getting the dental work taken care of. I go to the office in Powey very nice office and a lot of parking easy to get to the location.
The Dr. is absolutely assume very detailed in the plan for my dental work. She also is very gentle with the work she is performing. She is fantastic!!!
There are three other young lady’s that help the Dr. and all of them treat you like your family, the really do.
I highly recommend if you need dental work or just a cleaning, this is the place to go. Tell them Toby sent you
- 1/23/2021

Monica G. Avatar
Monica G.

Pega is a great dental hygienist, thorough, friendly, and recommendations for self care, without making you feel bad about yourself. Highly recommend Solana Smiles, dentists there as well. - 5/04/2021

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Carrie L.

Solana Smiles, the dentists and staff are all wonderful! I recently went in for a new crown on one of my molars. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but they make it as easy and pain free as possible. I really like that they have a facility near that makes the crown while you wait. No need to make another appointment and have to come back on another day. I was so happy to get it all taken care of on ONE day. My tooth looks and feels great now. Thank you! - 12/29/2019

American D. Avatar
American D.

Solana Smiles is one of the best dental clinic in Solana Beach CA. Everyone was amazing! Made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for the excellent service you are providing. - 12/15/2020

Robert B. Avatar
Robert B.

Dr Vakili and her staff are great-friendly, consultative practice. I had some dental issues and happened to drop-in while I was taking a walk and they saw me immediately even though Dr. Vakili was busy and it was the end of the day. - 1/26/2021

Michelle B. Avatar
Michelle B.

Thank you to Hannah for a thorough cleaning and advice about healthy gums. - 12/20/2017