Brad Brown Avatar
Brad B.

The staff is so friendly and great at their prospective jobs. From the front desk, to the hygienist, the Doctor, X-rays, and with personalized payment at the end. The office runs so smooth with efficiency, experience, and kindness. - 9/07/2022

J Elliot Avatar
J E.

Outstanding work by the whole crew. Personable, thoughtful and excellent work. I’d recommend them to anyone. Crown taken care of in one hour and forty minutes. No zingers. Great work. - 12/17/2019

Jay Ibrahim Avatar
Jay I.

After consulting many dentists about my dental implant needs, I chose Gateway Smiles. So far the experience has been great. Dr. Azita and Dr. Laila really demonstrated the experience and skills in the implant procedure and doing all the necessary dental care to ensure success of the implants. Great doctors and caring staff. I feel I’m in the right hands and made the right choice. - 2/21/2020

jim trammer Avatar
jim t.

Very helpful and friendly
I got super lucky finding them through a friend
- 5/12/2021

Gabe E. Avatar
Gabe E.

Very friendly staff, great with time-management and follow-up services/upkeep/cleaning and overall an excellent experience. Very pleased with the results and will be looking forward to the permanent fixtures and the same high quality of consideration in those hopefully! - 2/18/2022

Carrie LynneL Avatar
Carrie L.

Solana Smiles, the dentists and staff are all wonderful! I recently went in for a new crown on one of my molars. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but they make it as easy and pain free as possible. I really like that they have a facility near that makes the crown while you wait. No need to make another appointment and have to come back on another day. I was so happy to get it all taken care of on ONE day. My tooth looks and feels great now. Thank you! - 12/29/2019