Teeth Whitening Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Teeth Whitening in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

There are many things that can affect the color of your teeth. Most people believe discoloration is due to plaque and dirt, but that is not always the case. You might notice that your teeth become discolored due to the food and drinks you consume. Using tobacco can really stain your teeth. Sometimes medications and injuries can change the color of your teeth.

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Fillings Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Fillings in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Dental fillings are used to treat different dental problems like cavities and broken teeth. Teeth are usually filled with a material called composite resin, which is designed to look like your natural teeth. Fillings can also be done with gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam.

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Invisalign Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Invisalign in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Invisalign® is a wonderful alternative treatment to braces. You can straighten your teeth without us putting metal in your mouth. Instead, we use plastic trays (also known as aligners) to move your teeth back into place. Each aligner is custom made to fit your mouth so you don’t have to worry about mouth irritation.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction with All-on-4® Implant Supported Dentures

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Do you currently wear traditional dentures? While traditional dentures have their benefits, their removable nature can make normal functionality limited. However, we offer a more preferable option for those looking for an improved fit and a more natural chewing experience. Implant supported dentures are fixed, so you wont experience the slipping and sliding that happens with traditional dentures. Additionally, you wont have to worry about the risk of bone loss that is frequently an issue with traditional dentures.

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Implants Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Ceramic Dental Implants in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Here at Solana and Gateway Smiles we provide durable, versatile ceramic implants with our two piece Nobel Pearl implant. This implant is reversible and can be used for single or multiple units. Our Nobel Pearl implants are 100% metal-free, offer a cement-free internal connection, and are a great alternative to traditional titanium implants. They offer the same benefits and support as traditional implants, but have additional aesthetic benefits due to their natural appearance. The Nobel Pearl implant is a natural white color, offers a low inflammatory response, and aids in oral hygiene due to its low plaque affinity.

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Bridges Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Bridges in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Porcelain fixed bridges are the best way to have natural-looking teeth. The teeth are attached to a metal bridge. The bridges are then fixed to your regular teeth so that they stay in place. It may be necessary to put crowns over your regular teeth to keep the bridge in place.

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Sleep Apnea Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Sleep Apnea in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Many people who have sleep apnea have multiple health problems. They are always exhausted. Being tired can affect them at home and at work. They may be miserable and have trouble concentrating. Sleep apnea can also affect their blood pressure, making them more likely to have strokes. Anesthesia can be a big risk since they have trouble breathing.

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TMJ Solana Beach & Poway, CA

TMJ in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Do you suffer from headaches, pain in the jaw, or hear a popping or clicking sound when you chew? If so, you may have a problem with your temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ. Here at Solana and Gateway Smiles we are proud to offer treatment for temporomandibular disorders such as those associated with TMJ. Dr. Azita Vakili is one of the leading clinicians for TMD treatment in the country, and can help you find the relief you deserve. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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Oral Conscious Sedation Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Oral Conscious Sedation in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Patients who struggle with being anxious during dental treatment, have sensitive teeth, or have difficulty getting numb, you may be interested in oral conscious sedation dentistry. This option we are proud to offer in our office and can be administered without the use of any intravenous needles. We also offer the option to combine nitrous oxide inhalation with the sedative in order to enhance the calming effect. We also offer traditional anesthesia for those patients who may require it. All patients who utilize these services will be required to have a friend or family member drive them to and from our office.

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Prosthodontics Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Prosthodontics in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Dr. Vakili is a highly skilled prosthodontist with advanced training in general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are in need of dentures, implants, or if you need to fill gaps caused by missing teeth, we are here to tailor a solution to fit your needs. With over 3 years of additional training beyond that of general dentistry, Dr. Vakili is well qualified to handle each of your prosthodontics needs.

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CEREC Solana Beach & Poway, CA

CEREC in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

CEREC is wonderful because in only one visit you can get a smile of which you will be proud! The process uses the latest technologies, allowing us to make artificial teeth right in our office.

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Periodontal Therapy Solana Beach & Poway, CA

Periodontal Therapy in Poway and Solana Beach, CA

Periodontal disease can become very serious and can affect your health and your life. Even though the health of teeth is really important, most people don’t pay much attention to it. Lucky for you, we are here to help you so you can have a beautiful smile of which you are proud. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, the first thing we have to do is a thorough cleaning. We will scale all of the tartar off your teeth and underneath your gums.

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