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Implant Dentistry and Tooth Replacement Solutions in Solana Beach

For anyone seeking tooth replacement in Solana Beach, California, turning to a specialist in implant dentistry would be wise.

When you size up the many ways to replace missing teeth, it’s clear that dental implants are second to none. Unmatched in terms of functionality, stability and longevity, implanted teeth also offer a more natural-looking smile than bridges and dentures. Plus, unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants preserve bone density within the jaw, which helps prevent the sunken-in look associated with missing teeth.

Studies have shown that implanted teeth have a success rate of over 95 percent – and when placed by an implant dentistry specialist, that number is even higher. Bearing that in mind, if you have any missing teeth, you’ll want to see a qualified local dentist with expertise in this field of dentistry. Below, the professional team at Solana Smiles & Implant Center shares the information you need to make the best decision about the gaps in your grin.


Implant Dentistry Restorations

Implanted teeth have three components:

  • A screw-like titanium post that is set in the jawbone
  • A dental restoration (meaning a crown, bridge or denture)
  • An abutment, or connector between the post and restoration 

All three parts are essential to restoring the smile, but it’s the titanium post that separates implant dentistry restorations from traditional tooth replacement options. This component fuses with the jaw in a process known as osseointegration. As a result, implanted teeth offer exceptional stability – and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

What’s more, caring for implant dentistry restorations really couldn’t be easier. Aside from regular brushing and flossing, regular dental checkups and cleanings are all that’s required. In comparison, caring for traditional dental bridges and dentures is more time-consuming. And even with solid oral hygiene habits, traditional restorations may only last for a handful of years. After that, they need to be adjusted or replaced.


Facts About Implant Dentistry

After serving patients in Solana Beach and the surrounding area for decades, we’ve found that many people are in the dark about dental implants. This isn’t too surprising, as no one looks into tooth replacement options unless the need arises – and we’re happy to share the information everyone needs.

How many missing teeth can dental implants replace? 

A single lost tooth, multiple missing teeth or an entire mouth of teeth – whatever needs to be replaced, implants are an effective solution. And, a separate implant isn’t always needed for every missing tooth. A single titanium post can support a crown or bridge, and as few as four can support a full dental arch.

Who is a good candidate for implant placement?

Almost everyone can replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Certain issues, including gum disease, bone density concerns and chronic medical conditions, can make the process more complex. But to a Solana Beach dentist with expertise in implant dentistry, these challenges are easily conquered.

Is dental implant placement a painful process?

Actually, no — implant dentistry procedures involve only a minimal amount of discomfort. Oral conscious sedation, which comes in a pill form, is available, as is laughing gas and traditional anesthesia. During recovery, cold compresses and over-the-counter medication are enough to keep the pain at bay.

How long does it take to recover after getting implants? 

The speed of recovery largely depends on the extent of the treatment involved and whether any pre-prosthetic procedures like tooth extraction or bone grafting are necessary. But most people who see an implant dentistry specialist bounce back within two to three days, and some feel fine in a faster time.

Are there any risks to implant dentistry procedures?

Dental implant placement is a surgical procedure – and all surgeries, regardless of how minor, come with risks. Infection, damage to the gums, nerves or natural teeth and implant failure are among the more notable potential complications, but in the hands of an experienced dentist, these issues are incredibly rare.


The Tooth Replacement Process

At our Solana Beach dentist office, the process of tooth replacement starts with an implant dentistry consultation. A thorough examination, along with digital imaging and molds of the jaw, are necessary to decide on an appropriate treatment plan. In most cases, no dental work is done during this first appointment.

The next step is a visit to our dentist office to have the implants placed. The day of tooth replacement, we thoroughly numb the mouth, using a local anesthetic. As we mentioned above, additional forms of anesthesia can also be employed to ensure patient comfort. In any case, once everyone is ready to proceed, we place the implants and add a few dissolvable stitches. Patients typically go home with a temporary restoration, then come back for the final customized crown, bridge or denture to be placed.

The professional team at Solana Smiles & Implant Center employs artistry and the science of implant dentistry to create restorations that look, feel and function like natural teeth. With us handling your procedure, no one will ever know you had dental work to restore your smile.

For more details on our tooth replacement solutions, contact our dentist office in Solana Beach, California, and schedule a consultation with an implant dentistry specialist today.

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