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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Dentist in Solana Beach 

So, you’re looking for a dentist in Solana Beach, California. Whether you’re new to the San Diego north coast area or simply want to see a different dentist, finding a dental clinic that’s a good fit can be a challenging task.

Gathering the names of qualified local professionals, confirming their credentials, checking into the technology they use and the dental care services they provide – all of that takes ages, and then there’s pricing, patient comforts, communication style and personality to consider. Who has the time?

Busy people sometimes take shortcuts when searching for a dentist, but selecting the wrong one could cost you in the long run. Read about how others have dropped the ball when in search of a dentist in Solana Beach, and you can avoid those mistakes and make the right choice.


Mistake #1: Not Considering Dental Insurance

Do you have dental insurance? While you can see any Solana Beach dentist, not paying attention to providers who work in-network with your insurance company would be a mistake.

Choosing an in-network dentist typically means paying less at the time of service — if any of the professionals on the network list suit your needs, you can maximize your dental benefits and minimize your costs. As such, the list of participating providers for your dental plan makes for a good place to start.  


Mistake #2: Not Researching Network Dentists

Think you can get the care you need from any in-network dentist? That could be the case, but making sure the Solana Beach dentist you choose is well-qualified is a smart move.

Insurance companies often do little to no vetting of dental clinics in terms of the quality of care they’re capable of providing – the names on the list are merely local dentists that provide services at pre-established rates. Looking into their skill level and experience yourself is essential, as choosing the right dentist can you avoid more extensive and costly treatments later on.

We have to point out, too, that limiting your options to the names on the participating provider list might not be in your best interests. Many highly skilled Solana Beach dentists decide to work out of network, and spending more to ensure you receive superior dental care may be sensible.


Mistake #3: Choosing the Nearest Dentist Office

If there’s a dental clinic right around the corner, why not just go there? Convenience is nice, of course, but using location as the sole basis for choosing a dentist would be a mistake.

Driving a few extra miles to get high-quality dental care is completely worthwhile. By focusing your search only on the dentists with offices in the immediate vicinity of your home or workplace, you might be cheating yourself out getting the best possible care. Travel time is a factor, but don’t disregard Solana Beach dentists who aren’t such a short distance away.


Mistake #4: Overvaluing Online Dentist Reviews

Find a dental care provider with great reviews, and that’s the dentist to see. Right? Perhaps, but putting too much value in testimonials and online opinions might lead you to the wrong choice.

Online reviews can be easily manipulated. Unfavorable remarks are often removed, leaving only overwhelmingly positive comments, and sometimes, fake reviews are added to generate higher search engine rankings. Keeping this in mind is a must, but then again, authentic dentist reviews can provide you with a first-hand account of another person’s experience.

How can you tell the difference? If you see details, particularly about the environment of the dental clinic, and the writer has used a natural tone rather than marketing jargon, you’re probably looking at a genuine review of a Solana Beach dentist.


Mistake #5: Choosing a Dentist with Limited Expertise

Have a particular treatment in mind? A filling or teeth whitening might be what you need right now, but it would be a mistake not to consider your future dental needs when selecting a dentist.

Finding a Solana Beach dentist who can provide you and your family with complete dental services allows for continuity of care, which leads to improved outcomes. As you conduct your search or a local dental professional, look for qualified individuals with expertise in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry – that way, no matter how your dental needs change, you won’t have to go elsewhere for care.


Mistake #6: Basing the Choice of Dentist on Budget

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘You get what you pay for?’ Well, that’s certainly true in the field of dentistry, and many of the cheapest dentists are cheap for all of the wrong reasons.

Low prices could indicate a recent dental school graduate – and while every dentist is new at some point, this could be a risky choice unless they have experienced partners. But super cheap pricing could also show that a dentist is having trouble keeping clients, and that’s a definite red flag. Or, it could mean the dental clinic is cutting corners, using cheap, low-quality materials. Budget is important, but rather than looking for the cheapest dentist in Solana Beach, look for an office that offers financing and affordable payment options.

Are you in need of dental services? The professional team at Solana Smiles & Implant Center is dedicated to providing exceptional care, and with our expertise in general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry, we can meet your needs now and in the future. To learn more, or to consult with a trusted dentist in Solana Beach, California, contact us today.

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